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PySpec is a Behavior Driven Development Framework for Python. If this means nothing to you, see this uninteresting explanation of Behavior Driven Development.

PySpec has some notable features which include:
  • Many tools to help verify results
  • Concise, informative error messages
  • Uses decorators to define specifications
  • Data driven tests: test(@data_provider)
  • Includes Mock Object functionality
  • CLI & GUI spec runners (wxPython)
  • Support for running pyunit test cases within PySpec's specs

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Sample Code

def add2(input):
  return input + 2

class add2_Behavior(object):
  def Function_add2_whose_input_is_3(self):
    self.result = add_2(3)

  def should_return_5(self):

Then, if you run test, you would get the following result:

Function add2 whose input is 3
  - should return 5 - OK

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